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Hey, Canada! Looking to diversify your investments?
Get direct exposure to US companies with CDRs.

Global investing, made for Canadians

CDRs represent shares of US companies but they're traded in Canadian dollars on a Canadian exchange. Over 50 of the best known global companies are now available as CDRs and cost a fraction of the US share price. And the best part? No currency conversion headache.

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Why choose CDRs?

No currency conversion

CDRs trade in Canadian dollars, so you don't need to factor currency conversion into your investment decisions.

Manage FX risk

The built-in notional currency hedge mitigates the currency risk associated with foreign investing.

Fractional ownership

While some blue-chip stocks cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per share, CDRs give you exposure at a fraction of the price.

Easy to buy and sell

You can buy and sell CDRs on the platform of your choice, just like regular stocks and ETFs.

50+ companies to choose from

Invest in some of the world's biggest stocks like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft and more. There's over 50 companies to choose from with more being added all the time.

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What's the difference between a CDR and a regular stock?

Each CDR represents a variable number of shares of the underlying company. The number of shares is called the CDR ratio, and that ratio gets adjusted daily to account for currency fluctuations. So whether the Canadian dollar goes up or down, the CDR will reflect the performance of the company, and not the currency you bought it in.

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